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@nawlready Excellent preso today at #pubcon. Best slide deck I’ve seen in a while. Looking forward to digging into the tools you shared. — Justin Premick (@justinpremick) March 18, 2014

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How I can help you…

If you work with me, you should know that I always start with why.

  1. Why do you need help?
  2. Why does your brand exist?
  3. Why do your customers buy from you over competitors?
  4. Most importantly, if what you need from me doesn’t lower cost or generate more revenue for your business… why are you hiring me?

Are you a small to medium business or start-up looking for guidance on how to market your product or service?

Digital Strategy and Marketing Technology consulting is what I do. I can develop a go-to-market strategy and process that is in lock step with your business goals.

Are you an Enterprise that is looking for a seasoned digital strategists to make sure your next project goes smoothly?

I develop technology solutions that fit the requirements of your business logic, not my pocket book. When I’m done, I can also help document and train designated staff members on how to use it to lower your cost of acquisition over time.

Are you an agency or marketing firm needing help on some interactive projects for your clients?

Half of my business over the last 10 years has been helping other creative firms who need senior level consultants to make sure that quality is delivered for their clients. Drop me a line, I’m easy to find.